Apothecary's Garden: an introduction

Welcome to our Apothecary section.

We hope to entice you into the world of herbs and well-being…here you will find the history of our own Apothecary Garden, in the grounds of Todmorden Health Centre; from humble beginnings, to what we have today and what we will have in the future.

flowery bed

We have also started to delve into the history of Apothecary Gardens and discovered a history worth devoting more space to, as we uncover more interesting facts.

There is a fabulous comprehensive Herb section which our herbalist Sue will add to as time goes by. We also have a highlighted ‘Herb of the Month’ feature which will change with the months.


As we make progress in the Apothecary Garden, all will be recorded in our gardening blog, to which many of us will contribute.

rhubarb planting

All of these sections can be found by clicking on the left-hand buttons.

Do stay and browse awhile, or if the weather permits, why not take a canalside stroll and see what we’re doing for yourself!

We are always looking for new volunteers, so if this is your kind of growing, then contact Helena on the contacts page.