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Get Olham Growing

Posted: 4.04.14 by in

Pam and Aine attend the launch of Get Oldham Growing and come away incredibly impressed by Oldham Council

Eggs is Eggs, let's not waste them

Posted: 31.03.14 by in

how we end up throwing over 1 million eggs away every day in the UK

Oldham primaries, I love you.

Posted: 6.03.14 by in a mini blog from a roving incredible

A day in the life of a roving incredible.

Posted: 6.03.14 by in

Incredible adventures

Message from a lonely planet

Posted: 26.02.14 by in

Pam’s TEDx Exeter

Recipes for change

Posted: 25.01.14 by in

Pam speaking in stroud

Gentoo, an inspirational housing association

Posted: 24.01.14 by in

Pam’s visit to Sunderland Housing Association

Great year for conversations

Posted: 15.12.13 by in

Some of what has been happening

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