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GFB article about IET and The Food Hub

Posted: 12.10.12 by in

All about the aquaponics at the food hub by the people commissioned to create it

A Grand Day Out at the ABLE Project, Wakefield.

Posted: 21.11.10 by in

IETers visit fish farm project

Trafford Ecohouse Aquaponics

Posted: 26.01.10 by in

Trafford ecohouse Aquaponics

Email to IET from Hydroponics4life.

Posted: 22.01.10 by in

Mobile aquaponics bioshelters project

Aquaponics, the science bit

Posted: 14.06.09 by in

There is a delicate balance between fish and plants. Lots of nerdy talk and some pretty pics here!

Mystery water feature

Posted: 18.03.09 by in

Trickling water in the greenhouse, what does it all mean?

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