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Incredible heritage seed saving afternoon

Posted: 1.09.14 by in

Saving seed so that no corporate body can steel our heritage or hijack the future of food production

Give peas a chance

Posted: 21.07.14 by in

Could Todmorden be full of heritage seed champions

protecting our seed heritage

Posted: 21.07.14 by in

This is our seed heritage, it is our right to grow and preserve these old varieties for future generations

Flash mob hits the aqua garden

Posted: 11.05.14 by in

The earth moves as Flash mob does it at the Aqua Garden!

Green Manures

Posted: 7.04.14 by in

Information on green manures what to sow and when

The Council that grows good...

Posted: 13.03.14 by in

Claderdale Council making it possible to grow even more

Can't see the wood for the trees

Posted: 12.12.13 by in

Help us look after our trees

Third Sunday working at the cop shop

Posted: 17.11.13 by in

New volunteers help make Tod police station incredible

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