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Let the kids go wild with a vegetable child

Posted: 24.06.14 by in

Veg babies are fun for children of all ages

A little tipple to round off the show

Posted: 24.06.14 by in

Hot shots, cool beer and temperance cordials to enjoy at Tod show or take home

Sunday clean up after the show picnic

Posted: 24.06.14 by in

cleaning up after the show is fun when you share food

Incredible show time 2014

Posted: 23.06.14 by in

Incredible meals on wheels at Todmorden Agricultural show

The first Local producers food tent Tod show

Posted: 22.06.14 by in

An amazing day with local traders at the Eat and Drink Todmorden tent at Todmorden agricultural show

Job vacancies at not for profit company The Incredible Farm

Posted: 20.06.14 by in

People needed to join the pool of paid sessional workers at IET spin off the Incredible Farm

Sufi guru Mowlaana Shaykh Muhammad Adil Al Haqqani An Naqshbandi

Posted: 7.06.14 by in

Sufi guru Shaykh Muhammad comes to find out about Incredible Edible

Chive Talking

Posted: 3.06.14 by in

Working on the apothecary garden, weeds, weeks, weeds how do they grow so fast

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