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Sufi guru Mowlaana Shaykh Muhammad Adil Al Haqqani An Naqshbandi

Posted: 7.06.14 by in

Sufi guru Shaykh Muhammad comes to find out about Incredible Edible

Chive Talking

Posted: 3.06.14 by in

Working on the apothecary garden, weeds, weeks, weeds how do they grow so fast

How to get your own copy of Plant Veg, Grow a revolution. (the story of IET)

Posted: 1.06.14 by in

The incredible book is now available to buy online don’t miss out get your copy now

Today's incredible tastes of Tod

Posted: 31.05.14 by in

some special tastes of Todmorden and all local producers

The shape of shows to come, agricultural that is.

Posted: 16.05.14 by in

Incredible Aggricultural show, tours and new food to share beds

Down Under to Ey Up

Posted: 13.05.14 by in

From Aus to Todmorden in at the fun end.

Flash mob hits the aqua garden

Posted: 11.05.14 by in

The earth moves as Flash mob does it at the Aqua Garden!

Busy woman Waiting for warmth, wishing for peace.

Posted: 10.05.14 by in

Busy woman growing, making mistakes and wishing for peace in the world

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