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Being involved with Incredible Edible

Posted: 5.07.14 by in

learning while spreading the incredible message

Super tech and IET

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Victoria Bellotti research Fellow and developer of PARC’s Opportunity Discovery research and strategic investment targeting program, visit IET

Parsley's 15 minutes of fame

Posted: 5.07.14 by in

The story of the butcher, sausages, parsley incredibles and a film crew.

News From Incredible Farm

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Can we design out poverty and regenerate with attitude?

Posted: 5.07.14 by in

getting to the nitty gritty of planning kinder safer neighbourhoods.

If its June it must be Japan

Posted: 30.06.14 by in

From Tokyo to Todmorden via Ōmihachima and Sapporo, all to find out about Incredible Edible from its roots

Guest Blog by Hywel....Steep learning curve in beef farming

Posted: 30.06.14 by in

Hywel of Blackbark fame writes a guest blog about his new venture into Welsh black cattle

The story of the queen bumble bee for children

Posted: 25.06.14 by in

great animation to teach children about the life bumble bees

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