Coming up to our fifth anniversary.

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One heck of a lot of things going on all over the country and beyond.

People embracing the Incredible Edible approach of demonstrating a different way of living through putting the importance of local food smack bang at the heart of their community.
So many young people, many of them students saying ‘yes, this is for me I want to learn more’
So many awesome actions and lessons being learned by all of us, irrespective of age.
What worked, what didn’t . What could be so much easier if only this or that changed.
Which particular happenings really got people excited.
We need to harvest all this information. It’s really important stuff.
Cos although most of us know’ The time to hesitate is through’, actions not words, driven by our bones to find a way of helping our children and others we will never meet, we need to find ways of delivering some collective messages to the makers of the frameworks of our lives. Changing the way we live is a two way street. We are prepared to learn and change, but so must those who control the levers of power.
And I don’t see a right lot of things happening in that quarter.
So let this be the year we start to set out our stall.
Simple messages underpinned by a bunch of values that we never thought much about when we started but which have grown from the work we have been doing, and in reality must have always been there.
Kindness, sharing, inclusiveness, belief in the importance of small actions, respect for everyone’s contribution. It’s not an exhaustive list, these are just the ones that pop into my mind first.
So watch this space as we develop these ‘asks’.
And thank you for being the inspiration that you are.

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