Food policy symposium

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Just had great day at a food policy symposium , City of London University. Organised and chaired by Tim Lang, who else?
Not only does it feel more and more that our bit of the incredible jigsaw of life is so the right thing for us to be doing, but hearing the messages from Ontario where they take food policy seriously, and understand the bottom up approach, I am inspired to investigate how we might play our part in getting good old UK to take food justice and all that means around a kinder world serious.
It’s starts with people. Not policy, not dosh, people, and what they can do to offer an alternative approach.
Behaviour change is a two way street. It’s not just us that needs to live differently, but the powers that be who need to work out a different role for themselves in supporting us.
Loads of folks get it, but just not enough… Yet.

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