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Let’s test what the impact would be if we experimented with partners on a region wide basis.
With the help of wonderful Fellows of the Royal Society of Arts and Manufacturing who live in our region, again, acting as volunteers, we want to test how far we could push thinking on local food.
Let’s get some food justice in here.
Universities demonstrating what an edible campus would look like and really acting as an inspirational link to the communities around them.
More brilliant schools like Tod High seeing the importance of local food to the future of their students.
Towns and neighbourhoods all over Yorkshire being incredible like Wakefield and linking and learning across the network of communities that are already growing more of their own food, like those in Leeds, Sheffield and York.
Not only would it have a huge impact on the way we live but think of the potential jobs and enterprises it might encourage.
Let’s be brave enough as a region to challenge the big buyers of produce to do what New York , Toronto and San Francisco are doing.
Supporting local food economies. Have a look at this link.
We are on the edge of something big. It could be an abyss but why can’t it be a better future?

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