Useful Website Links

Allotment Growing

A very useful source of growing information. Allotment diaries, photographs, advice about growing vegetables, fruits and herbs with a forum for chatting on the plot.


Lessons for a good life. Take free digital courses in subjects that you care about. Build and share useful skills that can help you and your community. Join a vibrant group of changemakers and future leaders.


Assura works in partnership with GPs and Health Professionals to deliver property, pharmacy and medical services across the UK. The group that see that little bit further, and takes that extra step to help communities.

Bee friendly collective

Bee friendly collective is a community beekeeping group based in Todmorden

Bee keeping for beginers

a site with everything you need to know to start keeping bees in a way that is good for bees and humans alike.

Bee keeping guide for all ages

It’s easier than you might think to run your own colony of honeybees, but its important to do your research first. All of the resources listed here will provide you with accurate, helpful information about everything related to bees and beekeeping.

Beekeeping for Adults and Kids

As part of a project, the children of Ms. Ward's classroom Delaware if they use information from a website are required to find and share a resource with the people that they have borrowed information from for "using their stuff," as one student put it. This is something that Anna thought would go well on our website she thought beekeeping was such a cool and unique idea! so here is the info supplied by the children of Delaware Thank you Ms, Wards class

British Beekeepers' Association.

Promotes and supports beekeeping throughout the UK with links to local beekeepers' groups. Advice and information Everything from getting started, beekeeping for kids, discussion forums and the latest publications and news.

Brooklyn Food Coalition

A project to develop a system for local seasonal and sustainable food in Brooklyn. Bring people together to create a better way of growing distributing and eating food.

Calder Food Hub

Calder Food Hub is a Community Interest Company with two trustees

Calderdale Council

Calderdale Council, the first in Britain to issue land licences to to grow food on spare land, to local people. "Calderdale - everyone different, everyone matters"

Community Foundation for Calderdale

The Community Foundation for Calderdale is an independent registered charity that aims to improve quality of life for the people of Calderdale by connecting people who care with local causes that matter

Community Harvest

Community Harvest is a growing project which focusses on our two key areas, Access to Local Food, and Lasting Change. Very like Incredible edible

Duke Street gardens

Duke Street, a privately owned garden which was once a small holding, and is soon to be one again as John and Andrew clear the land and restart the venture. The plan is to grow a variety of produce to supply to the Bear Cafe in Todmorden with any excess being sold to other local businesses and the local community.

Exeter Community Initiative Harvest

Harvest is a city-wide project, encouraging people to engage in food-growing activities in their local community. The project encourages greater community involvement through developing relationships, and co-ordinating resource- and skill-sharing.

Fairtrade Todmorden

Todmorden is now officially a Fairtrade Town, Take a look around the site to find out more. Check out the local listings page where you can find where Fairtrade products are used and sold; check out events planned in the dates for your diary section and take a look at what the group have been doing in the campaign update section.


FEASt St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada FEASt is a working collective of individuals and organizations taking action on local, healthy, sustainable food issues. Formed in Fall 2007, FEASt is a volunteer-run initiative

First Tunnels

First Tunnels is a local company in Barrowford Lancashire Their facebook page says... We’re a close-knit bunch of skilled professionals who take an enormous pride in the quality and versatility of our products, But we’re enthusiasts too. We use our own products, and that means we’ve introduced lots of improvements and innovations over the years…based on first-hand everyday practical experience. We work hand-in hand with top growing expert and advisor Paul Peacock. We even have our own allotment for some seriously hands-on gardening (

Food Ethics Council

The Food Ethics Council challenges government, business and society to make wise choices that lead to better food and farming. Uniquely, it's focus is on how choices are made and champions decisions that are: * Principled – aiming to benefit people, animals and the planet, and to treat each fairly and with dignity. * Informed – based on sound knowledge and diverse experience, but ready for surprises. * Inclusive – involving and answerable to the people they affect.

Food Share (Toronto)

FoodShare was founded in 1985 by then Mayor of Toronto, Art Eggleton, and others concerned about the growth of hunger and food banks that had taken place in the wake of the recession of the early 1980’s. FoodShare’s original mandate was to co-ordinate emergency food services, and to collect and distribute food. The Hunger Hotline was established as a volunteer-run referral service for people seeking these services in their neighborhood.

Garden Organic

The national charity for organic growing Garden Organic, the UK's leading organic growing charity, has been at the forefront of the organic horticulture movement for 50 years and is dedicated to researching and promoting organic gardening, farming and food.

Green Business Network

The Green Business Network (GBN) is an award-winning not-for-profit business support organisation delivering environmental advice and projects.

Grow Sheffield

Grow Sheffield is an active network of individuals and groups promoting urban organic food growing. Also creators of the Abundance Handbook, available to download

Home Grown Allotment Society

On April 1st 2010, the Holme Grown Allotments Society achieved its first dream. The site was officially handed over to the society by the Parish Council, on a 15 years lease. Activity in the early days was furious. Plots to be marked out, ground to be prepared, and supplies to be ordered. The change was dramatic. Within only a few weeks, what had previously been grazing paddock was transformed. Plots were fenced - ground was double-dug and copious supplies of bark, compost and top soil were added.

Hydroponics 4 Life

The aim of hydroponics4life is to link individuals, schools and organisations with projects in our developing world. Sharing and developing the techniques and advances in science makes a difference where it is needed most.

Incredible Edible Doncaster North

Incredible Edible Doncaster North, TRANSITION TOWN BENTLEY blog site These folks are Incredible.

Incredible Edible Lancaster

A local project made up of local people nurturing neglected land and planting open access community gardens and orchards so that everyone can gather food for free. Much more than a few people growing vegetables, we care passionately about our communities, our well-being, our environment, the right-here right-now, and the future. We can build a kinder, greener, healthier community.

Incredible Edible Macclesfield

Incredible Edible Macclesfield is a new in the making, growing community. The new shoots of the initiative are just emerging. Watch this space

Incredible Edible Rossendale

Incredible edible Rossendale a partner group to IET getting started in Rossendale great site.

Incredible Edible Wakefield

The site aims to share ways that Wakefield people can all make a difference by coming together to increase the amount of healthy, local food, grown and eaten in and around the Wakefield area,and help strengthen and support local communities.

Incredible Edible Walls

New site for exciting experiment in vertical growing in York

Incredible Edible Wilmslow

Volunteers joining together with council, business, schools and community to brighten up our town, replant unloved plots with edibles and share the harvest and the knowledge of growing local, seasonal food with everyone

Land Share

Channel 4 River Cottage Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall's Land share site, sign up on line.

Making Local Food Work

Aims to 'reconnect people and land through local food, increasing access to fresh, healthy local food with clear traceable origins'. Helps producers to sell directly to customers, build skills, trading systems, networks and resilience.

NHS Forest

he NHS Forest is an exciting new national project coordinated by the Campaign for Greener Healthcare. The project’s central aims are: * Improving health of staff, patients and communities through use of green space. Largely due to increasing access to green space on or near to NHS land. * Greening the NHS Estates and planting 1 tree per employee. Amounting to 1.3 million trees within the next 5 years. * Encouraging greater social cohesion between the NHS Estates and the local community. * Encourage the NHS to ensure environmental benefits of their estates to include reducing the NHS’ carbon footprint through offsetting from the 1.3 million trees planted. * Bringing together a range of highly skilled professionals to produce woodland that includes the use of art, food crops and mapping.

Niagara Presents

Niagara Presents is a community based network that provides co-operative product development, marketing and distribution support to independent Niagara-based growers and processors of specialty foods.

Northern Polytunels

Northern Polytunels, makers and suppliers of state of the art polytunnels, as seen at Todmorden High School.

NRM Laboratories

With over 40 years' experience, NRM Laboratories is regarded as one of the country's most innovative and experienced independent analytical businesses.

Organic Growers of Fairlie

This is the website of an association of village residents in Fairlie, Ayrshire, Scotland, registered as a charity and who are all committed to living healthier, more sustainable lifestyles and improving the environment using organic techniques.

Outta Place

Outta Place is a social enterprise that works to create opportunities for young people to participate in high quality arts activity.

Pennine Housing

Incredible Edible Pennine Pennine Housing's own Incredible Edible Initiative, with a free 'Edible Pennine' starter pack,complete with easy to follow instructions, for interested tenants.


Permaculturists & Organic Growers Of Exeter. POGOE is a collective of Devon folk who have come together with concerns about the reality of peak-oil, concerns about lack of community in society, and green fingers that want to mould positive solutions out of the earth.

Pextenement Cheese Company, Todmorden

"Quality Cheese handmade in Todmorden from Pextenement Organic Milk" at Pextenement Farm, a family run certified organic dairy farm.

Premier Polytunnels

Premier are a family run business based in Barnoldswick, with over 30 years of experience in the horticulture business. They are also the only Polytunnel company to offer an out of hours Construction Advice Helpline, 7 days a week until 9pm.

River Cottage

Website of writer and broadcaster Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, with details about the River Cottage Foods business.

Shade Primary School

Shade Primary School's website, with an eggcellent page on hatching eggs

Sustainable Cities....CABE

Help from CABE for people in local authorities working to create better places. Helping to integrate green infrastructure into urban areas. They've done a case study of IET.

Sustainable Food

Interesting site about sustainable food programme. Home of the free on line sustainable food guide

The Battery Hen Welfare Trust

Every year the Battery Hen Welfare Trust collects thousands of 'spent' hens and re-homes them, through the efforts of a national network of volunteers. The aim of the BHWT is to see increased support for British free range farmers and diminishing sales of eggs from caged birds. If you're interested in taking on some hens, local contact details given at this site.

The Bear Co-op

The Bear Co-op offers you and your family a huge range of products to help you live a healthier and less environmentally damaging lifestyle.

The Fielden Society

The Fielden Society website about the Fielden family

The Scaredy Cat

Useful information and product reviews about keeping cats off your garden

TIM in York

The Incredible Movement in York links communities across the city to be more than the sum of their parts, to create a better world through small actions.

Todmorden High School,

A school where Minds, Bodies, Food and community spirit all grow together

Todmorden Station Partnership

Todmorden Station, the place for trains and so much more, including Incredibly Edible Herbs and vegetables. Not to mention the incredible potato bed.

Todmorden Tourist Information Centre

The place to go to find out what's happening localy. Information about where to stay, in Calderdale and elsewhere in U.K., and an accommodation booking service, national and local events, tickets for many of which can be purchased here. Also available soon Incredible Edible Todmorden sites map, and egg map

Totally Locally

Totally Locally is all about Me, You, Him & Her. It’s about shopping in your street, your town, your district. It’s about jobs & community, it’s about investing today for a prosperous tomorrow, it’s about making this place shine like a diamond. This makes good sense

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