Our Supporters and Funders

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Listed below are some of the many organisations and individuals who have made contributions to support Incredible Edible Todmorden, and we would like to take this opportunity to extend our heartfelt gratitude to each and every one of them.

Judith Audaer of Todmorden and lately of Mongolia!

Thanks Judith!

Sam Partington from oxford

“Basically, I think IET’s really exciting as it brings together environmental issues, community regeneration and general sustainability. I like the fact that it’s bringing all sorts of people together and that it sounds a lot of fun!

PS In case you’re wondering, I found out about IET through the Big Issue.”

Peter Kerr

peter kerr

an expat’ Todmordian,now of Mobile, AL , USA He plays Jazz, eats Grits and pines for rainy valleys! Cheers Medeers!

Rick at Olive landscapes

Rick at Olive landscapes

Todmorden Business Association

Lynne Midwinter and Pam Warhurst looking posh

Lyne Midwinter of TBA (big smile plus frock) handing cheque to Pam Warhurst of IET (big smile plus big cheque).

Malcolm Saville donated the growers cup.

Sadly Malcolm Saville died on Monday the 12th January. Only a few days before his death he donated a second Growers Cup, for children.
He is buried At Todmorden Unitarian Church .The first “homemade” funeral to his instructions at the church.

Rest in peace Malcolm.

Malcolm Saville

Fred Hunt

Has donated He says: “why am i supporting IET? I want to support the planting of free food in the valley. I want to support People who have very little space to obtain the means to grow food, to experience the wonders of growing and eating stuff you have made happen. I have 9 grandchildren and I want them to enjoy a healthy planet I know that there are no pockets in shrouds and that money cannot be eaten. I believe my money will be well spent in Todmorden”

Fred and Obie

Supporters, Fred and Obie.

John Pendelbury

Have given us £2.5K


The Uk big lottery, DEFRA, Leader and EUAF grants fund the Incredible Edible Todmorden Ltd food hub at Todmorden High School

B&Q have awarded IET £5K worth of supplies in their latest environment awards!!

We have recently been awarded £7250 by CFFC for the orchard project including a donation from Marshals.


Have given us £2k for pop up event tents and cooking gear

And we have a £4K grant from HBOS for growing projects in schools.

Want to help?

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