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Every Egg Matters

An update on where we up to with eggs and a request to support the forthcoming campaign – Every Egg Matters

We have been busy researching many things to do with eggs! As you can imagine there are all sorts of issues to do with the production and selling of eggs. We have got to the bottom of what one is allowed and not allowed to do and what needs to be done to sell eggs on a commercial basis.

The ultimate aim is to set up an Egg Co-operative in Todmorden in some shape or form.
It will take us some time to get there and we are ready to start with the first stage of the project which is where we need your help Nazareth chicken
The first stage is to create an Egg Map of the town whereby we can identify any local producers of eggs, no matter how small, so that everyone can identify where they can buy their most local eggs. These eggs can be sold on a garden gate basis without any stamping/marking/weighing or packing. We envisage that by getting as many people on this map as possible we will obtain a good picture of how many eggs Todmorden is producing. This is vital in moving to the next stage of looking at the co-operative.

We also hope that we will be able to encourage more people to keep hens and sell their eggs as the map will advertise where they are and hopefully enable people to sell more of their eggs. Part of the Egg Map scheme will offer to support people in setting up/keeping hens in terms of advice and hoilday sitting etc

We are asking for people who have hens/eggs to come forward and be on the map. Remembering that it doesn’t have to be huge numbers of hens – we are starting with what we have got. All that this will require is their location and their telephone number which will be put on the map on the website. It will advertise where you are and that you have eggs to sell

If you have hens/eggs yourself and would be willing to put yourself on the map then we need to hear from you. Equally importantly, if you know anyone else who was not at the meeting and therefore not on this contact list who could/would want to be on this map then please let them know what we are thinking and ask them to get in touch with us or let us know who they are!
noodle and eggs

We are launching the ‘Every Egg Matters’ campaign officially on the market on February 21st. We will have an information stall and lots of eggy activity happening around the market – pancakes, egg painting, badge making etc! We really want to see Todmorden producing, selling and comsuming more and more truly local, fresh eggs.

Thanks in anticiaption of your support

Pauline and Beryl

- launching on the market on 21st Feb
- stall with displays, banners, leaflets about the egg mapping scheme and information about keeping hens etc. signing up for the egg mapping scheme, possible real chickens, possible egg butties (if allowed) possible hen costumes etc etc etc
- volunteers needed to help man the stall on the saturday

We also need
- any other wacky ideas for the stall itself!
- stuff to decorate the stall – hay, baskets, local eggs, Helena’s wooden chuck thing? any other bright ideas?


Incredible Egg Tzars Pauline Malarkey and Beryl Tyrer are well on with the hatching a local egg masterplan.

They have met with every conceivable eggy bureaucrat and come to the firm conclusion that the legislation is thoroughly inconclusive!

However,it is clear (ish) that traceability is the key. Any eggs can be sold at the farm gate (run door?), or delivered by the producer. Eggs stamped with a registered egg producer number so that they can be traced back can be sold at the farm gate and , probably, on the market too. Selling eggs through shops also requires candling and weighing, not a big problem, but time consuming.


So whats the plan? Firstly, mapping, who’s producing what and where, and who is willing to produce more. Probably to go on this website to help all of us find our nearest suppliers. Secondly, egg stamping and sales on the market. And long term to investigate the possibility and economics of a packing station in town.

There is also a plot afoot to encourage and mentor back garden chicken keeping. Stand by for a breakthrough in locally made chicken runs

And an incredible egg launch in February.

“Helenas turbo chuk movie”

Want to help?

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