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100 visitors on the first week of the tour season

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The tour season certainly started with a bang!
Monday saw 43 visitors from Guernsey grammar’s sixth form for a talk and tour

The first big talk is always a butterflies moment seeing all those faces looking expectantly straight at you.
All the time thinking to myself, no bad language Estelle, don’t dry up, keep talking make sense, so many things to go wrong.
But it was all OK and we split into three groups, were soon off on a tour of the town centre growing
when we got to the station platform we bumped into Lindsay and his group
Lindsay's group from Guernsey
didn’t manage to catch up with Jude and her group, she had them all eating chives and I missed it.
here is my lovely cohort.
Estelle's group from Guernsey
Although we did have sunshine it was cold so we went back to the unitarian to picnic, all too soon it was time to say goodbye but we had to get one last photo of our first Cannel Island students

Tuesday Dr Nidia Leavy an incredible Mexican lady from Scotland visited
Dr Nidia Leavy
Nidia very generously made a donation to buy more plants and is also going to send us various berry and nut trees, good for both us humans and wildlife too.

Wednesday was meetings, no tours but we did see folk taking themselves around with the downloadable map

Thursday 46 arrived from France,
46 students from France
they had seen Tod in the French documentary film Demain and wanted to see where it was filmed for themselves. No talk this time so straight into the tour, Jud, Lindsay and I took a group each.
This time I managed to sneak up on both Jude
Jude with her group of French students
and Lindsay
Lindsay with his group of French students
here are my group on the towpath
Clever and fun French students
clever, confident and fun to be with, I wanted to keep them
and this time it was warm enough to picnic outside in the sunshine.
Students picnic in rare Tod sunshine
we said our goodbyes and left them to enjoy their lunch.

We met Anna the Gardener from Harrogate and her friends Angela, Gia and Malcolm from Zero Carbon Harrogate
Anna is going to create an edimentals bed for us on the tow path and soon got to work measuring the plot
Angela from Harrogate
and making notes
Anna the Gardener
can hardly wait to see the plans.
when measuring was finished we went for coffee and cake, (it’s such a hard life) then we went off on a tour but we talked so much about zero carbon, food mile local food and so much more I forgot to take photos. Over lunch in the Cold Co-op it was decided that they may bring a group in the summer to see Tod at it’s best so I may get a second chance.

Saturday I took the day off as my feet said “no more please” so I worked in my garden painting nest boxes, bug hotels and my raised bed.

If you would like to see our student Tod visit worksheet here it is
Student worksheet

tours r us

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