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Volunteers welcome pack

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The Community Land Advisory Service

Posted: 29.01.14 by in

help for community groups looking for land and landowners with spare plots

Insurance, licences

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who we are insured with and how to get a CMBC growing licence

Incredible Edible Todmorden (community benefit society rules)

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IET community benefit society rules

Nick's Tips for will be incredibles

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Advice on how to start an incredible group

Comment -

Sorry to miss it; hope it’s gone well.

From Alan McDonald · 9 October 2010, 17:27
Comment -

Big thank you to John Donne School, the wonderful people of Peckham, and everyone who made this possible.
You are all Incredible

From Estelle · 9 October 2010, 18:02
Comment -

Had a fantastic time today at the incredible John Donne School- inspiring speakers and an incredible edible lunch cooked by school parents – delicious :)

From Misty · 9 October 2010, 20:36
Comment -

What an amazing time we had in Peckham.
Bowled over by the buzz and goodwill in the room where100 delegates from all over london and much farther afield shared their passions and energies to make this a day to remember.They had all given up their Saturday because they like us were concerned about the times to come but beyond that, had that sense that local food could make all our communities stronger and healthier.
Every speaker made a wonderful contribution to the days jigsaw, sometimes bringing tears to our eyes with the inspiration of their work particularly The Peckham Experiment which may yet be reborn.
The workshops were where a lot of the action took place and thanks to all who made them a success.
To round it all off, the food at lunchtime local food from local parents was out of this world.
We have so much to learn. Maybe they will share with us their recipes.
All will be on our website soon as will the contact details of those who were there.

However lest there be any doubt, this would not have happened without the selfless efforts of 2 women, Evelyn Holdsworth and our very own Mary Clear.
We owe them a huge debt.

How lucky are we to be a part of all this.

From Pam · 10 October 2010, 10:15
Comment -

It was a great day lots of energy, good food, good music , brilliant networking.

From Mary clear · 10 October 2010, 13:37
Comment -

I walked the streets of peckham early saturday morning looking for a bun shop and a smile. Both were hard to get. I had to settle for Gregs and the Jehovas witnesses. But when the conference started 100 people shared thier optimism and willingness to take action.
And the pairents brought buns, home made ones, in the shape of hedgehogs,magic!

From Nick green · 10 October 2010, 18:21
Comment -

Incredible – we were inspired and are now planning some ‘accidental horticulture’ as well as chickens for ourselves
The food and parents were marvellous – what a great school and hospitality

From Richard Ashley · 11 October 2010, 17:19
Comment -

A very inspiring day on so many fronts – meeting the people behind Incredible Edible, learning about the Peckham Experiment, Tim Lang, all the networking, the wonderful lunchtime food, the lovely postcards… Feel newly energised and certainly determined to create ‘something to point at’. Many thanks to all involved in making the day happen. Brilliant.

From Hannah Smith · 12 October 2010, 12:10
Comment -

It was a really inspiring day. I have lived in the Peckham area for more than 30 years – often regretting that local knowledge of the Peckham Experiment was decreasing over time. A Renisssance may be developing. The conference was fab. Thanks to everyone who took arrenged the conference and took part. I wish it had been filmed for wider distribution! Well done and thanks for all the great ideas, some of which I will be taking up.

From Kathy · 18 October 2010, 11:52
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