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Saker so much more than an incredible baker

Posted: 1.10.15 by in

everything you nee in a wholefood shop and vegan ice cream

Great new green business in Todmorden

Posted: 8.12.14 by in

weaving returns to Todmorden but this time it’s willow not cotton

Happy 25th Birthday Saker

Posted: 6.10.14 by in

25 years of baking proper bread in Todmorden

Porcus win Guild of Fine Food Great Taste Award

Posted: 12.09.14 by in

Porcus, incredible local artisan food producer wins the Oscar of the food world

Guest Blog by Hywel....Steep learning curve in beef farming

Posted: 30.06.14 by in

Hywel of Blackbark fame writes a guest blog about his new venture into Welsh black cattle

Today's incredible tastes of Tod

Posted: 31.05.14 by in

some special tastes of Todmorden and all local producers

BlackBark looking for a home

Posted: 10.02.14 by in

Sustainable forestry looking for a yard for logs and timber

Incredible Kava Kafe helps IET

Posted: 24.08.13 by in

grouts are us thanks to kava

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