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Don't be scared in the Trumped up world .

Posted: 6.02.17 by in

as long as we don’t get scared we can make this a kinder place

There is no I in team

Posted: 17.07.16 by in

working together with kindness anything is possible

Bye heck it's boiling and busy in Tod

Posted: 12.05.16 by in

Berries, funeral directors, and Swiss TV

The power of a public garden.

Posted: 22.03.16 by in

having your own public garden

Happy new year

Posted: 8.01.16 by in

dealing with floods and getting ready for the year ahead

BIG DUG and tiny people…

Posted: 5.11.15 by in

a day in the life of a busy activist

The power of kindness

Posted: 14.09.15 by in

celebrating community

Busy woman Waiting for warmth, wishing for peace.

Posted: 10.05.14 by in

Busy woman growing, making mistakes and wishing for peace in the world

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