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Peas on Earth

Posted: 6.02.14 by in

We are powerful imagineers in a co-created dream.

Stop by for a Chai

Posted: 29.11.13 by in

One that has ‘real world’ implications.

From soil to cup

Posted: 2.10.13 by in

Hugh blends some chamomile IETea & calls it ‘Todmorden Tranquilitea’

Plant the seed, grow the seed, spread the seed

Posted: 9.08.13 by in

This is a call to all the ladies, the length and breadth of Yorkshire

Drink IETea, Buy Local & Build Heritage

Posted: 29.07.13 by in

From soil to mouth – the important story we are all writing every day.

Our land, our people, our tea & our heritage.

Posted: 22.07.13 by in

Actual tea plants growing in Todmorden.

IET Heritage – Standing the test of time

Posted: 8.07.13 by in

Apparently it is the equivalent of a rare masterpiece…

Wholesome Food with IETea

Posted: 17.06.13 by in

IncrEdible Yoga, IncrEdible SecretGarden, IncrEdible MicroGardens, IncrEdible Foragers, IncrEdible Heritage… it’s never-ending!

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