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From Mamers to Todmorden and back

Posted: 1.03.14 by in

See incredibles Hilary, Jenny and Mary, teachers and students from Todmorden High School, filmed by students from Mamers

IET family ties with Incredible Edible Ulverston

Posted: 25.02.14 by in

BBC radio Cumbria comes to talk to IET for program about Incredible Edible Ulverston

Guest blog from The real junk food project

Posted: 19.02.14 by in

not wasting waste food, “The real junk food project”

Incredible Edible Yea, Australia

Posted: 13.02.14 by in

see what the power of small actions can do

Peas on Earth

Posted: 6.02.14 by in

We are powerful imagineers in a co-created dream.

We can make heaven right here on earth if everyone tries

Posted: 4.02.14 by in

Incredible song from William Frederick Pate

Letter from Montreal, Marci's urban farm

Posted: 3.02.14 by in

great film from Canada

Please pick me

Posted: 30.01.14 by in

free download of the book “Diversifying food and diets”

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