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Busy woman November

Posted: 8.11.17 by in

a busy year

Incredible Erasmus learning day

Posted: 27.10.17 by in

spinning the learning plate across three countries

Herb of the month: Calendula

Posted: 17.10.17 by in

This amazingly healing plant could be in almost every bed in the apothecary garden.

Its edimental my dear Watson

Posted: 26.09.17 by in

seeing is believing

Busy woman September 2017

Posted: 2.09.17 by in

after a busy summer

Herb of the month: a tribute to Tansy

Posted: 17.08.17 by in

A beautiful, vigorous plant with a fascinating history, but one to be approached with caution.

Guest blog by Alana Betzold form Tasmania

Posted: 10.08.17 by in

Tod through a visitors eyes

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