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Mary Got a Gong!

Posted: 11.02.12 by in

Chocolate covered brandy sprouts for a very special occasion

Christine's Potato Bread

Posted: 14.02.11 by in

tasty bread recipe

Think Apples Think Incredible Upside Down Cake

Posted: 22.10.10 by in

Tasty food for autumn festivities

Cordial and Creme de Cassis

Posted: 7.09.10 by in

blackcurrant drinks

Seasonal Recipes August

Posted: 3.08.10 by in

Rice with summer veg, Mushroom and Haloumi skewers, Gooseberry and Elderflower sorbet

Seasonal Recipes July

Posted: 3.08.10 by in

Courgette and pinenut frittata, Tagliatelle with herbs and cream, Summer Pudding

Lovage Pesto Recipe

Posted: 12.07.10 by in

A tasty new way to use lovage leaves

Parsley and Walnut Pesto

Posted: 5.05.10 by in

exotic pesto recpe

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