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Marianne's garden

Posted: 23.07.09 by in

Delicious and sometimes exotic fruits share Marianne’s garden with a fledgling blackbird and a rogue rabbit.

A timely visit to the station

Posted: 12.07.09 by in

There is a lot more than trains at Todmorden’s incredible edible station.
Veg in the car park, herbs on the platform.

Clean soil and washing your fruit and veg

Posted: 9.07.09 by in

Some guidance about washing fruit and veg before eating, and using clean soil.

Mary's Sharing Garden has a new friend

Posted: 6.07.09 by in

the Dagenham chef from the Vedas, he is very interested in what we grow, we spent some time looking at and tasting the stuff on the wharf, he was very impressed with the lettuce.

Eating the town! Bordeaux spinach

Posted: 14.06.09 by in

Eating the town, loads of stuff out there to eat now, introducing bordeaux spinach.

Apples at Health Centre,updated!

Posted: 12.06.09 by in

Apples looking happy at health centre and progress on the deprickling!

Brian’s Small Big Garden.... A Todmorden Garden

Posted: 27.05.09 by in

‘Brian’s Small Big Garden‘, why not give it a try and make your own ‘Small Big Veg Patch‘,

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