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A day volunteering with IET

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Today I had a great experience, I worked for my community of Todmorden; volunteer work, funny how good it makes you feel!
I picked the Incredible Edible Todmorden (IET) group to work with today. Why, well I like fresh wholesome food, grown locally, and that’s what they do.

They plant, and grow food; for the public, free of charge, on public ground around the town. Why didn’t I think of that? Free local food!

Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of groups in Tod worth joining up with, great groups who donate their time to the community they love. But I don’t know anything about gardening, and in today’s climate, that is almost a sin.

They are knowledgeable, patient and welcome any and all effort with encouragement and enthusiasm.

They have already shared enough to make me feel comfortable with one of their spades in my hands, digging in rich Todmorden soil, eating the fruits of their labour. As passersby stopped to chat about the herb garden we were working on today, you could see the pride they had in their town’s efforts; it’s great watching people picking herbs and holding them in their hands to catch the freshness in aromas, telling us what they were going to use them for when they got them home. Some even stopped to lend a hand.

Mom’s and dads picking their kids up from school across the street, shared the experience with their children. Fresh fragrant local herbs; the looks of surprise and excitment on the children’s faces said it all. Nature at work. In one case someone even brought popsicles to help cool the heat

while we pulled weeds, and laughed ourselves silly, (check the pictures).

The real thrill is feeling like you made a small but significant difference; it’s there in front of you, and your community gets a benefit. It’s great to be part of something good for our community, proud to be able to say “We did that, because we care!”. It’s been an honour, IET, and I can’t wait to do it again.

Want to help?

There are loads of ways you can help us in our work. For more information click here. Or email Estelle.