A last Christmas thank you lunch for our VolkerStevin comrades

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For almost three years our nights in shining hard hats have helped us grow, so it was with joy and sadness we arranged this last Christmas lunch for our heroes.
Tony the pie man came up trumps with an amazing meat pie and mushy peas,
Ham corner meat pie and mushy peas
Christmas puddings and mince pies even bringing vegetarian pies for us none meat eaters.
It all went down a treat, everyone loved it and second helpings were happily devoured too
Our last Christmas with lovely Volker folk
We had a great time but all too soon it was time to say goodby as they had to get back to work.

We will really miss our friends, they started to help in the pre pollination street days here
To kitting out Shade school gardening club with waterproofs here and lays year they helped so much we told everyone We can’t say enough about VolkerStevin.
They helped us prepare for the big planting day here
But they have done so much, just put VolkerStevin in our search box to see more of the incredible things they have done for us.

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