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A Local Market in Every Market Town

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Once the centre of every market town had a thriving local market.

For farmers and local producers, selling in their nearest market town was the norm.
This was the heart of every market town in the country, and almost everyone, including local restaurants, tea rooms and cafes, bought their supplies this way, these weren’t “Farmers Markets” I don’t think the term existed it was THE market.
We ate seasonal food in it’s season, grown within a few miles of the market, good fruit and veg was available. heeps pies
As were bread, cakes, preserves, sausages and pies, all made from good local ingredients, not to mention eggs cheese and butter.
Local producers got to know their customers and we them, this way the market was, not just a place to shop, but a place to exchange news and views so not only local food was grown and sold but local experience grew too.
A traditional local market was the heart of the community and the town, it needs to be again, if market towns are to thrive.

We need to put a local market selling local produce back in every market town in Britain.

Together we can do this in Todmorden.

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