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Adult learning Curry night

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Love at first bite

Curry, a curious word, a word of mixture, texture, colour aroma, and taste.
I’d wager that if you asked most people around Todmorden, they would say at one time or another, they have had a great curry. We are certainly spoiled for choice around town with all the shops offering their unique curry styles and fares. Some good, some great, but it’s still hard to find one made with that special ingredient; the difference only home cooking can make. Until now I never really knew what that meant in the world of curry.
Thursday night at St. Mary’s Church in Todmorden, I learned what great home cooked curry really means, thanks to Incredible Edible Todmorden’s free curry cooking course for Adults. It was magnificent. I have tried curry several times, but never had one like this before. It was love that made the difference. Love of quality, love of family, love of community.

When I arrived at 6:15 Rachael Babar and Abida Shaheen were busy setting the stage, four pristine work places each for a team of two, neatly set out, with everything one needs to make this tasty homemade dish, all that was needed were the students.
One by one they came through the door of St. Mary’s, each excited and enthused, curious and adventurous. As the preparation of ingredients began, the hustle and bustle was spiced with the independent spirit that makes Todmorden unique. “I do it this way” said one, “NO NO try it this way” said another. The friendly banter was real and passionate, and as always with an IET Adult Cooking Class, individuality is
preciously nurtured and encouraged, and the dishes carried those individual textures and tastes.

It was fresh aubergine, fresh potato, fresh tomato, fresh herbs and chilli peppers mostly fresh from IET’s Walsden own site, fresh everything, and in abundance. As I watched I was amazed by how the synchronicity of the little kitchen community, like a family, developed. First the line of would be chefs stood at the prep table chopping, dicing and moving quickly from one ingredient to another,

it was food art happening right in front of me.
Then the whole line, as if choreographed, moved to the stoves, each stirring, and cooking in the pots and pans provided.

Then back to the prep line to make the whole grain Chapatis. Some rolled them long, some round, some thin, some thicker, all while the room filled with the aromas and chuckles of fun from fresh home cooking.

This was having the desired effect. My mouth was watering. How could it be that eight different people, with eight different ways of doing things could work so harmonious together and make such fabulous aromas? Chapattis rolled this way and that, some fried on steel, some fried on halogen glass, each so delicate and delicious I kept going back for more, in the end my plate was wiped clean and all I could think of was when could we all do this again.
If you missed it well that is understandable because it was fully booked. If you want to experience it for yourself, well I am certain it will happen again, I just don’t know when. Yes, it’s a curry, a curry of spices, mixed with a curry of culture. If you see an Incredible Edible Cooking Class for Adults offered, and your curious, don’t wait to sign up, just do it and you’ll be glad you did. You’ll experience the magic, the love, the taste, the mixture of ingredients only the love of home cooking can provide, by someone who makes this for their family, someone who has it in their heart to create great, simple, wholesome home cooked taste.

I said it was love that made the difference. It was love at first bite. It was THE difference a place like Todmorden, and groups like Incredible Edible can create. Find a course you like and feel the difference, sign up and share part of the incredible family of our great little town.

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