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Anaise from Incredible Comestible Cerdanyola visits Tod

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Another Incredible weekend.
visitors from Spain with Estelle
Yesterday I met Anaise and her niece from Incredible Comestible Cerdanyola for lunch in Kava Kafe we talked and talked and ate delicious food while the rain chucked it down outside. Anaise told us what they are striving to do in Spain and the problems they face, one of the biggest being keeping the plants watered in such a dry climate, not a major problem here I thought, looking out at the rain.
When we finished lunch it had eased a little so we went on a tour round,
visitors from Incredible Comestible Cerdanyola
at the police station, the rain had eased enough to stop to take a photo. Our new Spanish friends stayed overnight and came gardening with us today
working on the community college beds
and stayed for lunch, it was so good to have them visit with us.
sharing lunch
Anaise gave us seeds they had gathered from the plants in their gardens in Cerdanyola
tour gift of seeds from Cerdanyola
take note of the brilliant easy way of packaging seeds to give as gifts, we will be copying this for sure.

here is what Anaise had to say about our town

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