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Another busy day in Todmorden, visitors from Sweden and the BBC

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it started with weeding the police station and setting up a time for Sergeant Bowden to meet the BBC for an interview, dashing from the cop shop to the bear I stopped just long enough at Hazlewoods fabulous fruit stall to grab some grapes, strawberries and some really tasty locally grown Victoria plums. Dump shopping trolley in Mary’s garden then Mary and I go to our first meeting of the day 11am in the Bear cafe.

Ingrid Sarlöv Herlin Professor of Landscape Planning at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, and Dr. Richard Tellström, have come over from Sweden to see what IE Tod is all about. They interview Mary who only has half an hour before a phone call from the BBC film crew calls her away. Ingrid, Richard and I stay in the bear and I show them a presentation on the iPad before we set off in lovely sunshine for a tour of the town.
Dr. Richard Tellström and Professor Ingrid Sarlöv Herlin from Sweden
It’s an absolute joy talking to Ingrid and Richard, they so totally understand what we are doing around place making and growing community along with the food.
As we head back toward the bear we see the camera crew heading toward the cop shop. It’s just after 1pm and once we have said our good buys I head back to meet Steve and David from the beeb. Slighly breathless I arrive just as they are wiring sergeant Bowden for sound.
Sergeant Bowden gets wired for sound
Newly promoted District Commissioner of scouts Jon Sayer has kindly come along to talk about cubs learning to grow.
Our incredible cop is filmed with the corn cobs a big hit with film crews and photographers alike
An incredible cop among the cobs
Then it’s Jon’s turn, he does a sterling job and isn’t phased at all by having to do his interview three or four times because of traffic noise
Scout district commissioner Jon Sayer BBC interview
Its time for a few extra shots of veg the college
BBC filming college beds
and Pollination Street
BBC film the street
before they head back to Mary’s and me to my next interview back in the bear at 2.15
This time with PHD student Katy Booth for a piece she is doing for BBC Radio in Salford. Katy asked me how IET started and how I personally felt about it and my role as an incredible. By this time I was getting tired and now have absolutely no recollection of what I said other than asking that anything too idiotic or not relevant be cut.

Katy was fabulous and I’m sure I will soon be saying “Katy Booth? Oh yes I knew her before she was famous”

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