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Another Days work at the Hive

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Back at the hive today everyone was still busy.

working away to help Bee Spoke on the Jubilee Peoples millions
Mary was printing, cutting and sticking, making bee information boards
printing, cutting and sticking to make bee display boards
We have built up a store of used and washed honey jars to refill with
Todmorden Northern Nectar Honey, and just for good measure
we have Honey Hole Bees Wax from Wes’s Unitarian bees.
Recycled jars waiting for Bee Spoke Honey

Stencilling bee posters We made more banners, to add to those already hanging in town.
All done by using the backs of old donated banners so making good use of recycled materials.
Old card, blackboard paint left over from The Green Route exhibition, nothing gets wasted.
Old washing up sponges are used to sponge the paint on, more Messy than Banksy, but it gets the job done, and they don’t look bad when they are finished.
We are all Beeing industrious to help make folk more aware of the plight of bees and how necessary it is for us to help them.

What to do next?
Maybe a bigger and better banners of course, than means cutting a bigger and better stencil, so back to the cutting board.

Wont take long if the blade doesn’t brake. Good job I have spares, just need to be careful cutting round this bit…..
Cutting bee banner stencil
In true Blue Peter style here’s one we made earlier
BW bee banner
And just to show we know what we are doing here is a very happy
Obadiah Bee.
Obadiah Bee
Help us make all our bees happy and healthy vote Bee Spoke on the 29th

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