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Another tourific month for IET July part 1

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What a busy month it has been for tours, I sometimes wonder how many miles I walk in week showing off our incredible town.

July statrted with a visitor from Italy, Michele Ghilardelli a member of Civiltà Contadina, an association based in Italy involved in seed saving and recovery of old cultivars of the Italian rural tradition.
Michele Ghilardelli a member of Civiltà Contadina
They also promote the urban horticulture, so Michele came to see how we do it in Tod

Next was a tour with students fro Bradford Grammer click here for more
Bradford Grammar students and Teachers

Our next group of vegetable tourists were alss from Bradford, this time a group from Bradford Youth Development Partnership http
Bradford Youth Development Partnership and three lovely ladies who joined our tour
we were joined by three lovely ladies who were were looking at Mary’s sharing garden we invited to come with us to see the growing sites. We spent quite a lot of time food shopping in the market during the tour and the girls returned for proper shopping after the tour finished. Well girls have to do what girls have to do.

then there was the wonderful group from Spain more here
The mayor of Carcaboso centre and two councillors

On the 15th I met Mary and Keith, two wonderful people from Hexham they weren’t able to make it when the large group from transition Tinedale came so I was delighted to show them our town and did a small ipad presentation for them in the bear, they so understood what we are about, it was an absolute pleasure explaning all things incredible and edible to them.

This was followed by a visit from Swiss writer Hanspeter who joined the Federation of City Farmers for their tour.
Hanspeter and the Federation of City Farms and Community Gardens
Busy woman wrote about it in her blog here

The 24th was the day I met Lena and her husband from Sweden in the bear for lunch and an ipad presentation, we were joined by German writer Julia from Nido magazine and photographer Tara, after lunch we all went on a tour of the town centre growing.
visitors from Sweden and Germany
Julia far right in the photo is writing an article about Tod aimed specifically at families so while staying town Julia interviewed a family with small children about growing their own food and keeping chickens.
Lena helps clean up the pulled potato plants at the police station
When we got to the police station there was work to do so Lena and I got stuck in clearing potato plants. While Julia and Tara spoke to Elaine one of our lovely ladies in blue
Tara photographs Elaine at the police station
A visit to the junior farmers club at the Incredible Farm was a must for a family story, so our intrepid reporters spent the evening interviwing possible farmers of the future.
Cant wait for our copies of the magazine when it goes to print.

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