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Aquagarden aquaponics team guest blog

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Ever wondered about aquaponics?
Here the Aquaponics Team @AquaGarden invite you to find out more with their first guest blog

Here at the Incredible AquaGarden the Aquaponics Team is planting a revolution on the way our community grows food. We are developing technologies and techniques for aquaponics and then sharing the design freely so we can all benefit from living in a food abundant neighbourhood. We want to empower people to feed and educated themselves in a self-sufficient way.

So what is aquaponics? It a innovative way of growing food (although it has actually been practiced in other parts of the world for at least two thousand years!) and means raising fish (aquaculture) together with growing plants without soil (hydroponics). It has the potential to fulfill our food needs using renewable energy besides a more local and sustainable approach.
What have we been doing? Over the last year we have designed, built and managed a 10 meter long, 6500 litre ebb-and-flow aquaponics system. At the same time we have been developing some ingenious open source (like wikipedia, Linux, Android) and low cost solutions to automate the food production set-up. Some of them are an on-line monitoring and controlling system, a low cost automatic water valve and some supplementation for the water based in a waste product (eggshells).

So who we are? Our team is composed of 7 associates and is a partnership between the Incredible AquaGarden and Aquaponics Lab, a not-for-profit network of makers and organizations developing food production technologies. Do you fancy a visit, want to find out more or maybe volunteer? Then go to:

Warm Regards,
Aquaponics Team,

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Want to help?

There are loads of ways you can help us in our work. For more information click here. Or email Estelle.