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August - we are not burning

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But there is a bit of a pong!
It’s a few days into the month of sun, we haven’t had much, but that’s great news it means – time to do stuff.
The market beds are rammed with plants, the theatre bed too.
There is a stink around town, it’s a rather nice smell me thinks.
Eagles Crag brewery recycles the hops to us and we are using them well to improve our soil.
spent hops compost
Worms have really settled into the recovery beds, and poppies have taken hold for a bit of showing off colour for the late summer.
Poppies at key Sike
The plants in this bed did not cost a penny, everyone a cutting or grown from seed, just to prove you can dream big and you don’t need dosh.
planting at key Sike
Working out side always reminds me of what folk think, so many people will stop and smile, say well done and talk of the pleasure some pretty planting gives them.
Our in bloom comrades were out in force, another reminder of what a special town we live in.

The Man Fred has built great water stands for the college butts,
water but stand
so August, bring it on we are ready.

If you are visiting or live in Todmorden go and visit the place we call the wire, the big wire fence along the tow path between the canal and the new Lidl
improving the look of the wire
our planting provides colour and amazing food for birds and bees.

I am so very, very chuffed at finding out about Nostoc Commune AKA witches butter or as some say the cat Sh.. Slime!
Nostoc commune
Nostoc Commune. “It can suddenly appear after rain, seemingly from nowhere, on paths, on roofs and sometimes in poorly-growing lawns.
Nostoc commune growing after rain
This gave rise to an early belief that it was material from shooting stars that had fallen to earth, hence some of the English common names Fallen Star, Star Jelly and Witches’ Butter.”

We need some more cooks if you fancy having a go drop us a line, we have all the kit for making Sunday workers lunch,
volunteer lunch
it doesn’t have to be fancy, and we don’t eat meat. You can practice your skills on us.

The next gardening Sunday we are weaving with our local artist an 8 ft gardener.
I am on cooking duty so I could do with a hand.

Everyone is welcome on a gardening Sunday, just role up, to work, gawp or only eat.

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