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Auss to Tod an Incredible Tour

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Is that Incredible Edible Todmorden? This is Karen pick calling from Australia.

Karen Pick from Australia Pauline was most surprised to get a call all the way from Auss and worried for Karen’s phone bill, but Karen told how she had seen all about IET on our website and just had to come over and visit to see for herself what it was all about. Pauline immediately got busy hurriedly arranging a two day tour, visiting Castle Hill and Ferney Lee Schools and the town growing sites.
Born here taken to Australia by her Yorkshire minor father who wanted to work on the land and have a better quality of life for the family.
Karen a teacher for 25 years is on long service leave from Adelaide. Wanting to see incredible learning in practice Karen emailed Tod High school’s head teacher Helen Plaice to explain her interest and Pauline arranged a visit there for day two.

On the first day after visiting Ferney Lee where karen was very impressed with the school’s veg beds and Castle Hill where she was introduced to chickens and saw planting in recycled tryes in the playground, Karen and her partner John were met by Jenny, and Estelle in our now international rendezvous the Bear Cafe. Ace reporter Dominic from Todmorden News came to cover this unusual story and meet our incredible long distance visitors.
meeting our Australian visitors, the bear is fast becoming an international rendezvous point
They toured the town looking at the raised beds and community growing
Karen tells Jenny that rhubarb grows in Aus too
where Karen took lots of photos to show to her students back home
Karen snaps an unusual site for folk back home in Australia
and told all about the great work she has already done in Adelaide introducing children to growing veg and eating fresh healthy food.
The following day, as arranged Karen visited the high school where Helen gave her a quick overview of what was going on with food there;
Tony explains the food hub to Karen fro Auss
Tony was able to inspire her with all the work he has done in the school kitchen and
Paul shows Karen the school orchard
Paul told her all about the curriculum work that had been done and the partnership work with us and Food For life.
Karen was thrilled and will return to Australia full of news about what we do
Jenny with visitor from Australia Karen

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