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BBC Country Tracks, filming in Tod Update

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TV crew film IET planting.

The programme being filmed here goes out on BBC1 at 11am, tomorrow Sunday 7ty February, now avalaible on iplayer here

Friday a full film crew arrived with director, presenter two camera men and sound engineers. The team were from BBC1 country Tracks programme that airs nationally on Sunday mornings.
What a day, I think they were impressed with our town and with how much has been achieved.
The presenter did some interviews and we gave them a tour.
They filmed planting on the tow path opposite Fielden wharf then interviewed Mary at her sharing garden. They also filmed the mini IETer in this photo, namely Ira he is a worm expert.

after getting Mary wired for sound

and shooting a close up of the brassicas

we went to see what the fabulous Tod fire crews do when they aren’t keeping us all safe fighting fires.
It took a few minutes to decide the right angle to film from.

While they interviewed, some of the firemen, we had to all be aware that they could have to leave at any moment if an emergency call came through.
But fortunately all stayed calm and several more fruit trees were planted.

The guys told us they thought planting at the fire station was a great idea and the whole IET thing was good for the town and the community.
Some of the crew have allotments and grow at home too so know just how good home grown tastes.
From there we continued the tour and went to plant more cherry trees, what a great fruit harvest we will have in the future.

keep saving those jam jars for us.

We look forward to seeing what Country Tracks made of our town when the programme is shown.

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