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Bee Credible

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We need bees, bees need us. Some Incredible people have been forming a Bee group to help promote beekeeping in Todmorden. On 25th April they had their first proper venture into the world of beekeeping, with a training day in Manchester’s Heaton Park. It’s all very fascinating, all of us are pretty new to bees, and overcoming the fear of being stung!

The folk at Manchester Beekeepers Association were very welcoming, and convinced us it’s not all that difficult really….

We are now clubbing together to raise money for some hives. They will be located somewhere around town, and we will learn our beekeeping skills as we go along. Perhaps there will soon be a new product on Todmorden market?


Experiencing the hives in the rain


Brushing the combs before extracting the honey


Placing frames in the spin dryer to extract the honey

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