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Bee Spoke. Help us Help Bees!!!!

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Jubilee Peoples Millions Bee Spoke has made the finals of the Jubilee People Millions

Bee Spoke Logo We need your help to create a buzz and win for Incredible Bees

Our show on ITV Jubilee Peoples Millions will air on June 29th, voting takes place from 9am to midnight we will post the number here the morning of the 29th Calls will cost 11p from land lines, but will be more from mobiles
call 0871 62 68 147

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give bees a chance

Super Bee our bee champion says….

Super bee with chivesMany of us have lost touch with our need to care for the environment around us. Some issues seem too big to tackle, others are cloaked in impenetrable terms such as sustainability or peak oil. But all of us have a responsibility to pass on a rich environmental legacy to our children and most of us would welcome the chance to do that if only we knew where to start. Food and bees are two complementary routes into this world of understanding and actions that can make our world healthier.
We know, with the work we have been doing as community volunteers for the past three years, that using the language of food can inspire people to do things differently: what they grow in their gardens, how they grow, what they spend their money on to support local producers, what they want themselves and their children to learn about both in and out of school.

We know people travel for miles to see Todmorden’s edible gardens; herbs at the bus and train stations, fruit trees at the doctors, vegetables along the canal, and edibles in deepbeds throughout the town. Vegetable tourism in Todmorden is on the map, and people have a real appetite for more.
The bespoke route will allow us to take all this to a new level.
Bees play a crucial role in our lives. They are major pollinators and approximately 80% of flowering plants depend on insect pollination.
We may be aware that bees are in decline but what does that mean and what can we do about it?
Our project will build on our existing work. It will provide a diverse habitat to support bees and other pollinators. With bespoke interpretation it will illustrate the connection between bees, pollination, and food production. It will generate wide public interest as well as understanding about bees and other insects. Todmorden Bee Spoke will make accessible the wonders of insect life and demystify biodiversity.
Bee Champion Super BeeA vibrant and sensory planted route, with interpretation and fun things to do and look for, will wind throughout the town, making unloved corners beautiful and attracting locals and visitors alike to look and learn.

Bee Spoke maps will guide young and old alike to explore the range of exhibition gardens, bee homes, and hibernation nests, and encourage readers to find out more about the opportunities to be beekeepers in their own community.
Bee spoke will also be complimanting national initiatives such as, Buglife’s research on pollinating insects and honey bee decline; Fera research on honey bee health, and alternative orgainc beekeeping which is a growing movement and concern in Britain.

marigold and bee The honey bee has been buzzing around for 30 million years. help us to keep it buzzing for for the next 30 million by voting for us in the Jubilee Peoples Millions.
Details of when and how to vote will be posted here soon so keep checking back and don’t forget to follow us on twitter

You can also help by downloading our poster click here
There is already a real hive of industry working on making this happen see it here
A hive of industry

Want to help?

There are loads of ways you can help us in our work. For more information click here. Or email Estelle.