Big Planting Day part 2

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Replete on ginger cake

I am back at my keyboard dear reader, to continue the story of our big planting day.
Before lunch Pam met Trish Roger and the Deputy Mayor of Calderdale
Jennifer Pearson and explained all the why’s and where’s about the green route

After a tour seeing the bankers hard at work they came to the Church to meet

Tod Town Mayor’s Consort Josef Rez, Donald Murray, Tod Town Mayor Abid Hussein and Tommy Monk, Tommy and Donald from VolkerStevin, helped make the day possible.

All listened to a brief presentation from Mary as did the bankers who looked positively angelic sitting in the pews like lines of choir boys

cake and coffees finished it was off for a quick tour of some of the growing and then back to work.
Meanwhile signs had gone up along the canal like this skep information board

But then a little bit of history was made. The first Green Route notice board was screwed to the wall at Library Lock by a workman and John Catanach

about an hour later after having had a tour of the town, our very first visitors to be photographed with it are Linda and Dominique from France

Which made a perfect end to a perfect day.

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