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Boris's Incredible pruning lesson

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It was a lovely sunny Todmorden Sunday and six of IET’s regular volunteers met at the health centre for a fruit bush pruning teach-in led by professional gardener Boris. We were keen and willing but I suspect I was not the only one who also felt ignorant and a bit nervous.
I need not have worried, under Boris’s clear and patient guidance we were soon snipping away dead, crossed or congested branches and opening up the bushes to give them the best possible chance of fruiting mightily next year.

For me this marks the start of a new phase of caring for our town centre growing places, we have planted lots of things, many of them like the fruit bushes should produce good things to eat for many years to come. Now we need to care and maintain them and the soil they grow in. Gardening, like the rest of Incredible Edible’s activities is not a short term fix; it is a long term project. We get some quick wins, like you do when you plant beans or radishes, but mostly you need to work at it over years. Fortunately the rewards when you do this are continued and increasing yields – and just sometimes you also have a lovely afternoon with sun, good company and the feeling that you have learnt something very useful – thank-you Boris.

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