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Bradford Grammar eco group visit

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On Wednesday we were visited by student and teachers from Bradford Grammar, our first visit from older students having the visit only had primary school children visit before.
Angie who arranged the trip explained
“The Big Green Society was formulated in 2010 and since then has worked to raise awareness of environmental issues in school. We have worked on several projects from making mini-beast houses to promotion of a ‘meat –free Monday’ this year. The majority of the group are older students so the trip was a reward for their commitment to the Society during their time in school. We found the day inspiring! It was wonderful to see a community pulling together to promote environmental issues. It taught the pupils about ‘real life’ sustainability! “
After a brew and biscuits we braved the iffy weather and went off on a walk around the town centre growing. Stopping to check out the living beehive now ready for some willow weaving to be done.
students from Bradford Grammar check out the bee hive
Mehreen Khalil year 9 pupil at BGS pictured here said.
“It was an amazing project and I liked walking around Todmorden. My favourite part was eating the strawberries!” which I have to admit I enjoyed too.
These were very smart young people easy to talk to and exchange ideas with.
They asked very sensible insightful questions, even googleing bits and pieces of information as we went.
Bradford Grammar students and Teachers
Environmentally aware young people like these are always welcome they are our future

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