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Brian’s Small Big Garden.... A Todmorden Garden

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Out at work all day? No space? Not enough room to grow your own Veg?


Brian is a busy guy, he works full time and spends his spare time taking amazing Brian's cabbage and cauliflower photos of the countryside around Tod. Too busy to grow his own? Not a bit of it, Brian has very limited space , but has managed to get a good crop started , here growing on you can see Cabbages, Cauliflowers and parsnips and all in a small garden in Todmorden. ‘Brian’s Small Big Garden‘, why not give it a try and make your own ‘Small Big Veg Patch‘, your reward will be the taste of fresh from the garden, seasonal veg , nothing tastes better.

Don’t believe it, try it and see, once you taste home grown you will want more and more.
We know growing space can be hard to find in Todmorden, but with a little effort great things can be done in small spaces.

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