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British Muslim Network visits IET. The last tour of 2016

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It was a privilege today to talk to members of British Muslim Network from across Yorkshire and Nottingham.

I told them the story of Incredible Edible from when a crazy bunch of worried folk in Todmorden got together and decided to do something to try and make our town a more sustainable kinder place to live by growing community and food to share and side by sid.
the crazy bunch that started Incredible edible
to where we are now with groups becoming incredible and sharing food all over the world
Incredible groups across the world

After the talk we went on a tour of the town centre growing sites, there isn’t that much actually growing at the back end of November, but there was enough to have some great conversations.
We tested the Canal and Rivers trust new hand rail in e horse tunnel
the first group to try out the new hand rail
it works really well and everyone arrived on the towpath safe and sound
safely through the horse tunnel
from there we went along the towpath to the apothecary garden where we had some great discussions about the herbs and fruit growing there.
studying the apothecary garden
We continued through the market where we tasty treats were bought, then on to the police station and the college beds before returning to the market to kick up our heels
time for shopping and kicking up heals at the market
and pose for a group photo
British Muslim Network tour of IET
Then it was back to the Unitarian where the cotton blankets our IET volunteers helped so doubled up as prayer mats so the group could say the necessary prayers before we all had to say goodbye with hugs and handshakes.
We don’t do tours at this time of year this was an exception as they had been trying to arrange a visit for a while, this was the last one now until the spring so my old legs get a much-needed rest.
This has been a great year for tours from overseas as well as the UK I have the most joyous job getting to meet so many incredible people without ever leaving Tod.

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