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Building the Buzz for Bee Spoke Todmorden

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Only 16 days to voting on Jubilee Peoples Millions on June 29th. Can you feel the buzz building?

The guys who hung a bee banner on the White Hart scaffolding did
Building the buzz for bees

Everyone is beeing supportive from bobbies backing bees at the police station and shops and the railway station promoting Bee Spoke to people downloading and printing there own posters to display in their own windows at homes.
Folk old and young understand just how imprtant bees are to all of us, and how important it is the help them to survive all wanting to do something to make a difference like the owners of A Stitch In Time in the market hall who when I ordered a bee costume pattern would not take the money for it saying “we all need bees so this is a contribution to the scheme, we want you to win”
and right next door to them co campaigners Tod in Bloom are creating an information stall one of many places where the number to call in and vote will bee posted on the day

Co campaigners TIB creating bee info market stall
It has been another absolutely buzzzzzzzzzing day

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