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Built the Garden, Built the Bridge........ Mary's Garden

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The Bridge and the Garden

walk right in
My visit to Mary’s Magic Garden.
Or pick something you fancy for your table. I crossed the ‘Bridge’, well, went up the step through the wall into Fred’s Beds, Mary’s ‘Garden to Share’ The beds really are looking good. All planted with salad leaves and vegetables, ready for folk to pick when they are grown.
It's a personal garden for anyone passing by. Making a garden that will be full of food for people to pick as they pass by is truly building a bridge, this is what I call caring sharing for real. Everyone can reach out this way, we may not all have this amount of space but even a small pot of herbs by your front step could be shared with others.

Some plants are already large enough to taste

Mary tending her sharing garden

When I saw Mary tending the lovage I just had to taste a few leaves, what delicious fresh strong flavours. This caring and sharing thing is great, I shall be back for more.

There is just too much to tell you about in this little Eden, but here is a quick tour of a little more of the magic that is Mary’s Magic Garden.

To see the sharing garden being built look here

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