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Busy woman boating speaking and eating fairy food in France.

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Greetings readers, busy woman has had a very very long day .
Setting off early from the sheep wallpaper hotel to get on a boat in very thick fog.
boat trip fog
On the way to the car the loved one found me a little antiquity.
I am so pleased with it, yesterday was France’s biggest tat market covering the whole town and we did not buy anything so to find this little person this morning was our reward for being frugal/sensible.
When you are a bigger than the average woman and your back is giving you gip the the thought of getting in and out of a tiny boat many times in a foggy lake wearing a stupid life jacket …I needn’t go on you get the drift. I found out a few things today, I’m braver than I thought, I would make a good pirate, I am good at spotting birds.
We sailed off for the morning to look at more gardens on islands of reclaimed marsh land.
looking at gardens france
First up a favourite by Sarah Foque
bottles France
straw bale and plastic bottle garden France
Plastic bottles, straw bale raised beds with floating edible stuff.
growing veg on water France
floating veg France

her calling card is cute complete with seeds.
calling card

We saw lots of hobbits house/sheds in the morning fog.
hobbit house France
A woad garden, apparently that’s how this town got rich on woad !
waod garden France

We also saw the winner of France’s best veg garden,
best veg garden winner France
winning veg France
I spotted an egret and a heron.

And despite getting out and in the boat at least 6 times I never got wet.
A lot of the art installations were about views and comfort and sitting, stuff I don’t do but the loved one was quick to check out comfort.
Fred tests comfort art France

Later we went to a arty place with a big auditorium, now get this it’s now 1.30 and no coffee consumed, we lined up to a bar that had a machine that made two thimble fulls at a time, I’m not joking! Then we had a selection of fairy food, and if you want evidence here is a picture of the spoons!
fairy spoon

I had a n interpreter called Justin a lovely man with a hard job. He did well, even skipping the boring bits for me.
Mary with her interpreter Justine

we heard some brilliant ideas of projects across France and how I would so love to go to Nante and twenty other places, the stuff that’s going on is mind blowing .
no one has got the answer but all of us collaboratively can look for answers.
Bravo France Bravo.

Busy woman.

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