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Busy woman. Doing her thing, steaming ahead.

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Its all go in the early spring.
Opportunities popping up, deals to be done and sun to be soaked.
Bravo for warmth, light and the sound of birds.
First up DIRT my favorite thing along with other peoples chuck outs and good old dirt,
thanks to my dear pal who bought me this lovely book and the most needed timer.
Its for 15 minutes, long enough to wash up, repot a plant, warm up.
15mins to time a presentation, have a break from the screen, cook lentils.
Its a lovely yellow for sunshine and happiness.

I have a soft spot for other peoples dogs, take a look at this fat lump sunbathing in the front of a van.
happiness is a windscreen

The nice CEO from garden organic is a proper gent he sent a snail mail thank you card and it was tiny,
a tiny thank you is just so nice
I like tiny.

Also the post man brought the annual envelope of seeds from Janet Rees a woman I have never yet met,
Seed donation
thanks Janet the seeds will go up to the High school.

Estelle made a parcel of IET post cards to go off to Peter Kilenny’s gallery in Germany,
Incredible police off to Germany
apparently the Germans love police men and veg.

Off now, just taking 15….

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