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Busy woman likes letters

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Especially ones full of sunshine and kindness like this one from Argentina.

Hello Mary! Greetings from Argentina! How are you? I hope great!
My name is Pablo, Im psychologist, Im 27 years old and I live in Corrientes City (Argentina). I’m just a multifaceted person who loves to do a lot of things, but I’m really involved and committed with the conservation of the environment.

I read and hear about the things are happening in Todmorden and Im really happy about it. Congratulations to you and to all the people who is making it possible. I see a lot of potential and good things coming soon.

I really want to say hello and share with you all the cool things and activities I’m currently doing here in my place. Things related to food and organic farming

cabbages grwo huge in Argentina
Let me share with you that what is happening in Todmorden inspired me a lot, and give me more strength to look after the things I want and to struggle to improve the society.
Currently I’m working in many areas. I still giving service as psychologist but… I spend more time working in education (I give classes of ecology, sustainability, organic farming, waste management, etc) and doing a lot of social work and social projects.

Well, I will enumerate each Project briefly:

“Edible Public Garden”: I design and started the project “First Edible and Sustainable Public Garden of Argentina”.

I proposed to create a public space where all the trees are fruit trees and 100% selfsufficent in water and energy. At present, the government and many NGOs got interested, so the project is approved!!! The construction already started and it will be finished in August 2014. We alredy have the fruit trees, more than 35 varieties!!! And we also have many types of equipments that produce clean energy or convert the rainwater in 100% drinkable, drip irrigation, natural construction, etc. So, this place will promote healthy food, renewable energy, respect towards the environment, recycling, etc.

Edible Hospital:
3 months ago, some friends and I made the first “edible hospital of Argentina”.

It was very simple! many employees of the hospital called us (cuz they heard about the edible public garden) to request us to plant fruit trees and make some beds. Of course we agree and make something beautiful, and now many hospitals want to do the same. Here the fruit trees are really good and really cheap, so we are planting everywhere. I will send u pics of the hospital.

Edible City: With some friends we have a project called “one fruit tree for families”. It’s very simple, we buy many fruit trees and then we donate 1 per family (only to plant it in a public space or sidewalk). We gave the trees only to those families that are really compromised to take care of the tree and share the fruits with the neighbours.

Fruit map: We made a fruit map of the city (Corrientes City), with this tool all the people can see where are ubicated all the fruit trees of the city, so they can see how far is his/her favourite fruit: avocado, organge, grapes, Mangos, etc. Here u can see the map

“Murals with Values”:
hording paintings Argentina
I started an artistic movement called “Murales con valores” (I think the right translation should be: “Murals with Values”), the idea is to paint Positive and Constructive messages for the community in public spaces. The objective is to show the best of us and to share happiness and hope through art.
the incredible magic of community art Argentina
We get the paint by donations or by collective buying and we paint big walls in schools, hospitals, kindergartens, etc, etc. Everyone can paint: professional, amateur, or just neighbours, its 100% inclusive and free.
colouring the community Argentina
No one receives any pay, Its all because we want to paint an share good things. We paint about values, environment messages, diversity, organic farming too, respect and tolerence, etc. I will send u some pics, we already paint more than 500 meters of walls in total, with genuine artworks.
(watch this space for photos of artwork)

Givebox: I promoted to make some giveboxs here in my city and I have a good response of the community, now we have 2 in the city. Its nice to see how people share their material possessions with others and change their mind about material things. Did u have any Givebox in Todmorden?

Bookcase: I heard about “Bookcase (also called “Free Library” or in Doich: öffentliche Bücherschränke)” trough a German friend. I immediately fell in love with the idea and I decided to make it in Argentina. After a lot of work I get the authorization to put one in the public way, so now we have two Bookcases in Argentina!!! One is in Corrientes City and other one is near the capital of Argentina. It was a big achievement for me :)

Critical Mass: I’m one of the founders of the Critical Mass here in Corrientes City (it has 2 years of existence in the city), it’s a very nice and decentralized movement that promotes the physical activities, respect to bicycle drivers, socialization, respect to the environment, sustainability, etc, etc. Here more info if u don’t know what is it)

Well, the list is too large and I don’t want to make you feel bored. I just want to share with you that the news about Todmorden inspired me a lot and empower me in some way, I realized that if we want to improve our place we must act and get involved, it’s the unique and fast way.
We are in touch!

It makes BW very happy knowing there are incredible people all over the world demonstrating the power of small actions in their own special way and humble to think they are inspired by IE Todmorden to make a diference.

BW over and ou

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