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Busy woman needs shades

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To protect me from designer shops, ridiculous prices, see this grated carrot, not in a cathedral square shop, down a back street !
The toms are rather fancy filled with peas.
stuffed tomatoes France

What is it about food, basic food, or am I so behind the times and mean that I know nothing about what stuff costs, five days in France and one cup of coffee in a cafe!
Here is a picture of carrot grated or as they say in French crudités ? Who are they kidding.
carrots france
Good news red wine is cheaper than bottled water and I like wine rough so thats good.

Did many hours of walking today, in circles and in sunshine.
The smell situation is resolved, I can smell nothing now but fags. I Hate the smell of fags but at least the olfactory enemy can be identified.

I did go in the cathedral gift shop and douse my self with a lavender tester as a protection against foul odours attacks.
The cabbages in the town Center are magnificent
cabbage centre piece France
and whole waves of chard look brilliant,
Chard France
I go back home with ideas of some new planting schemes, to negotiate with the team.

Revisited the cathedral raised beds and thought we could divvy up our medicinal planting by anatomical uses.
nervous system France
digestive France
respiritory France
Also we could make some new classy fat wooden beds.
tidy France

I shall be so glad to be home .
I leave you with some pictures .
Here is something beautiful from a gallery of smut, naked women , naked children, men with tiny todgers paintings with lashings of rape and capture of voluptuous nude women, all the porn of its day.

I found these lovely things, a man with dignity,

a cheeky chappy dimpled Jesus,
cheeky Jesus

and a rather sultry medieval woman.
on the way back to the sheep room I saw two trees with these magic doors.
almost hidden secret door
a secret door

There’s no place like home.
Over and out

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