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Busy woman November

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Busy woman November
The day starts early, a request from a person in Japan, a person up for a project. Next up a man wanting a Santa suit, I don’t have one but know where there might be one. Then it’s a request from Switzerland wanting to set up an incredible project.
A few emails to our comrades running projects in the UK, swopping ideas and project plans. Tomorrow we have a meeting so lots of paperwork to do, and amazingly I have found a reason to talk about poo.
a merry muckin band
Even better to go shopping for poo equipment. Last year poo Sunday didn’t happen, I suppose it’s not everyone’s cup of tea organising the shovelling.
By 11.30am I had got it sorted, the people the stuff and the 70litre buckets to put it in.
We have a man called Ian,
our rubbish man, he is an allrounder, he keeps our apple presses dry, looks after our trailer, and without fail every gardening Sunday recycles all our green waste and the litter we pick up. Ian can dig and play chase with the little ones, he also can locate the best poo and sort out logistics. Ian is the kind of person every organisation needs a steady kind of guy who can talk shite if we need too.

We have another remarkable fellow Ed the shed, he is keeper of our tools,
Ed the shed
he is tidy and kind. Ed is also clever, he can sharpen knives and knows what to do if we fall over, he has the health and safety training but a sensible head. Ed will say yes when you ask him to come and help move two tons of clippings with 30 kids.
spreading chippings

We have an amazing secretary not your average minute taker, one who likes to play fair and square, straight as a die but not if you see what I mean. What is she doing right now?
Judy on the wall
She is standing on a wall with a long drop into the river, decorating a huge steel bike with a knitted cover,
Judy yarn bombing
she is doing it because she can, because she is an active citizen, a woman who doesn’t want to sit around moaning, she is improving the town one knitted bollard cover at a time.

The joy of being incredible has been full on this year, the joy of knowing we are what we say we are and we are achieving what we said we would, helps me sleep like a baby.
Should any of you doubt it check it out, read the research, not our words, your words.
Download the evaluation summary report
IET Evaluation Summary Report FINAL.compressed.pdf

Download the full evaluation report
IET Evaluation Report FINAL.compressed.pdf

We didn’t commission it or write it.
It’s nearly ten years and the community group have carried on doing good things free of outputs and outcomes, we are free from the rules and we don’t have to pretend we are delivering miracles or saving the economy or the planet.

Good people sharing skills, learning from each other and having a laugh.
skill sharing workshop
No offices, wages, smoke and mirrors, begging bowls or bluff, just ordinary joes making community, strengthening ties, looking out for each other.
Yes, we grow some veg and we like cooking,
community lunch
we are reconnecting from the earth upwards.
Some incredible folk have done their three-year stint and are moving on to pastures new, if you fancy helping shoulder some of the paperwork jobs, give me a bell and let’s eat something nice and discuss.

Don’t forget our facebook page, it’s public so you don’t need to join facebook to read it
IET facebook page

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