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Well who said winter was a time for rest, not when you are the lead of the community group.
Its been crazy, its going to get crazier then its Christmas.
So first up the arrival, very early of this little tiny man Otto, Ignatius, Kingdom Clear

Thanks for all the kind people who made tiny things and bought tidgy clothes for him to wear. We like biguns in our family but sometimes you get an unexpected tiddler.

Me and the good man have been on an epic journey to Maastricht to talk about Our town. We love a challenge we went the cheapest greenest way, trains 15hours each way, we can proudly say we passed through three countries with out buying coffee, we took our flask and two china cups, we ate nuts and fruit and had good books.

Southern Holland is a rich place, they eat a lot of hares and chop down trees willy nilly. I was amazed to see health and safety is no big deal , we dodged diggers in the streets no barriers and at night we saw migrant labour fixing roads in the rain without much protection. We passed a lovely tree just felled and asked why it was cut down and the casual answer was oh they have a disease. Laid back or what?
Over dinner we learnt how the cannabis passport plan had led to the closure of coffee houses and loss of chefs jobs, apparently the munchies is big business, heard on radio 4 this week the Dutch government have ditched the plan now, so its back to business for coffee houses. God knows how people get anything together if they are smashed all day? Must be getting old having such thoughts.
Better give you dear reader, a clearer idea of what I was doing,

this massive ex toilet factory has now to be used with no money from the likes of big dick developers, now its yikes what can we do with nowt . Are we not known for creativity?
First up is sow some crops in this enormous space with glass roofs , underneath are huge vaulted spaces for mushrooms, luckily we had a farmer in the group who thought the idea was doable, also in the mix was cafes and learning facilities so in theory could well be the first incredible edible factory!

I must tell you this on the way back from Maastricht in the freezing cold at kings cross we had hours to kill before the train home so we popped in the British library 5 mins up the road. Ten out of ten for them , you get your bag searched by lovely folk and then in you go for the free cloak room , FREE, its 8 or 9 quid to leave per item of luggage in Kings Cross . You get free toilet too and to see wonderful oldie stuff that belongs to us the common people like the magna carter and other things written by kings and lords.
The icing on the cake was the Jack Kerouac exhibition with his original manuscript on display , all that when just killing time .

I must mention the café, posh coffee, two cups and one slice of cake to share now we are on the skids and the horrid realisation it cost more than a lot of folk here earn in an hour. That’s how life is panning out weighing up the value or not of things.

We have been nominated spiritual entrepreneurs of the year you can vote for us here.
Anyone who knows me, knows I am not a great fan of these X of the year things, but this is one I do like.

A couple of weeks ago Pam and I went to the Woman of the year lunch in a red carpet hotel in London, I don’t want to be rude and will say nothing about what happened there, but I will show you dear reader some evidence of the trip.
In the gold goody bag , was a little notebook –very handy –a biro ditto.
Some chocolates –Cadbury, a squeeze jar of pesto that lasts 4 weeks in the fridge? Plus a woman’s magazine and BOOB-TUBE-bust and neck firmer.

Mmmmmmmm half the world starving and the ingredients of this wonder product are all edible.

Incredible edible isn’t just about growing food its about a town, a sense of place , its about how we live , how we have fun and do things together.
We are working with some amazing people to bring put on an extravaganza of delights in the gloomy cold nights of winter.
Handmade parade are the cleverest, kindest, cutest , lot you ever did see, they did our pollination parade earlier this year. Check them out here and if you are feeling sad watch the pollination parade again it’s a soul warmer.

We are working on the Valley of lights project, it’s an economic initiative (see you just cant get away from the brutal facts) to help traders who have really suffered from the flooding this year, the project will shine a light on our valley and boost trade . In this mix leading the way is an outfit called Totally Locally led by a man who looks like Simon LeBon. He has dreamed stuff like; lets have five boats lit up, sitting pretty in the dark water and 200 bikers dressed in lights streaming through the valley at night. Check it out and come if you can it really does promise to be amazing. Long range weather forecast predicts unusual dry warm evenings………………

Then we have two other things happening, A special Christmas train is stopping with 200 folk aboard for 30 minutes, they will have an incredible experience, visit the art gallery on the platform, be cooked hot weed fritters and mulled wine, a brass band will play and singers will sing.
On December the 6th the annual community candle lit concert, a huge affair in our base camp on the hill, hundreds of folk, hundreds of candles, cups of tea mince pies , mulled wine and belting music.
Erick Bichard- read about him here will be coming with the Liverpool community choir.
Kids fest is another event, started many years ago , as the one free chance in the year when kids of all ages can use the monumental town hall to do glittery gluey noisy stuff and no one will mind .
Folk come and do stuff for free, like Rob Goldthorpe who every year does cooking on a candle, yes that’s right cooking a tiny little wee pancake on a candle kids queue every year, and you guessed it, the price is right for the ingredients –nearly nowt!
Martha will paint hundreds of faces, back breaking work, churches will do their thing with cut out baby Jesus in little cereal box mangers .
Age concern do a quite corner, its an armchair and a rug, so mums can feed or grannies rest, its so simple to do nice good things.
Estelle and I have been working out how to make lanterns on sticks, we have cracked it

If you want to see something wonderful come 12-4pm November the 24th Todmorden town hall

Honest you do not need a kid to get in.

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