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Busy woman's eyes are tingling

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Blimey it’s hard work in France, to much to look at, far far too much.
Stuff everywhere, some frighteningly the same as any city anywhere, lush, body shop, and all that jazz.
Some very different. like this big building,
French building surrounded by arty veg
with veg lying about artfully everywhere.
the art of veg, France
Veg art in France
Helena and nick always said the French did good flower planting, they certainly do. Big bold and brave between lanes of traffic and unexpected places.
French flower planting
The chocolate addicts must have shed loads of money here everything is so expensive .
French chocolates
We saw an ordinary looking kid buy a wacking bag of sweeties, the pick your own sort but very posh.
so much to choose from in France
Food is expensive , we eat on a newspaper in our hotel room, salad bread and peaches that cost. 3 euro for three!

here by the Somme they have ancient vegetable gardens called Hortaliges,
Veg from French hortalige
they sell the products on Saturday morning in a market right out side a huge mammoth supermarket.
Veg at French market
it’s interesting to see queues for fresh eggs and fruit, long queues right next to a supermarket packed with vegetables .
We get all worried in the uk that the killer of small shops is big shops, I wonder if the killer is small shops not selling what the customer wants?
Any how who am I to say what’s going on ? But you only have to look to see its working here across a stretch of cold water.

so far so good I just need to say without condemning all of France, the drains may be a problem.
The bus smelt, the airport smelt, the hotel room stinks of fags. the supermarkets stink?
near the cathedral stinks. I am willing to help unblock a drain anywhere, I can’t really put my finger on what it is, it’s a smell I smelt in the seventies in Spain.
I am on the case to identify the smell.

just in case anyone thought busy woman led the life of luxury when she goes to do a talk think again this is the wall paper in the hotel room and yes the bed is 9 inches from the bath room. Weird or what?
French hotel room sheep

I will end with a picture of exodus,
upwardly mobile snails
I took this pic in Tod on the way to the station, snails going to the top of fennel, in the 6 years it’s been planted I have not noticed snails do that .
More later from the eye tingling land
Over and out.

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