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Busy woman's perfect day

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In a big place full of activists passion and dreams .
In a place I would never ever have visited in my wildest dreams, made possible by our web mistress Estelle, without her we would not exist across the world as we do.
Estelle does not travel she has commitments that require her to stay close to her home, she does not go in front of cameras, more often she is our recorder our picture maker.
Pam would not have half a million viewers for her TED talk without Estelle promoting it, today I heard so many people talk about our website I want to record that I salute you Estelle, with out you we would not be where we are.

8.30 am start after a brisk 30 minute walk in the morning drizzle with sparrows chirping.
The building is beautiful, wood and wool,
wood and wool
carpets on the wall,
Carpet on walls
old fashioned groovy ness a timeless quality,
incredible wood

useless toilets, plastic cups, bottled water and pencils.
I love architecture, wood and wool.
I worry about plastic cups and bottled water and a building that fits thousands eerily empty.
Eerily empty
But …. I am here, how I don’t know, in the heart of Europe the home of democracy, it says so out side.

I met amazing people, heard wonderful stories from Italy, Oxford, Morocco, Romania, Bulgaria.
So many people doing so much good stuff .
And it’s hard to imagine but true, the evening reception had Fairy Food,
fairy food
the same as we had in Amiens ! It’s a French thing it must be .
Adieu Busy woman needs sleep.

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